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  • Wealden Ambulance Services are proud to offer a professional, high quality and individual service. We care about each individual using our service and are always adaptable to the unique needs of every patient.

    We have a team of exceptional staff with a wide range of skills and experience acquired in a variety of medical backgrounds. Our staff have gained their qualifications from either the NHS, military or voluntary sector, but whatever our background we are all committed to one thing: delivering the best possible service to our clients.

    Our responsibilities for transportation are extremely varied and Wealden Ambulance Services are able to meet the needs of any patient, irrespective of their age or circumstances. Our transport is for all kinds of people, from those who cannot get about easily to their routine appointments, who need a little help to retain their freedom and independence, through to those who can no longer live by themselves and require transport to a Rest Home. When the Rest Home cannot accommodate all the needs of a patient and specialised care is required, we can be there to transport people to a Nursing Home, from bed to bed or just door to door.

    Depending on the service that is required during transportation, we will ensure a suitable ambulance is provided to meet all the patient's needs and ensure their dignity is maintained throghout the time they are in our care. We have a wide range of vehicles available; from comfortable response cars and patient transfer ambulances, to special transfer ambulances. We will be happy to match the most appropriate vehicle to your needs, to ensure your journey with us is as comfortable and safe as possible.

    Wealden Ambulance Services can cater for the following requirements:

    Our entire fleet is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any patient transportation.